Sunday, April 24, 2005

Basant Lok at Night

Though I have been to the Basant Lok Shopping Complex at night many a times earlier, it was this time that something at the back of my head nudged me to write about the unseen complexity of the Priya Complex. The time I am talking about is around 10 pm when the night show ends and the late night show is about to start in the PVR Priya Cinema, and it is around this time that yesterday, that is Saturday, I noticed many people rambling around the area, some joining the lines to enter the pubs, many waiting impatiently outside the many Take-Away outlets, many doing window shopping, and others in general, just freakin' out.
I also saw many foreign entities among the Indian-crowd. It is my theory, that as Basant Lok is the only complex with the foreignish style, the foriegn people residing in Vasant Vihar visit it, and also, it was Saturday Night.
Though most of the shops close by 9:30 pm, the restraunts, fast-food junk huts, and the Neo Planet shop remain open off late, and if any body wishes to hang out in any one of 'em, you can do it late!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah this brings back dilli memories..

wish I cud visit it soon:)


1:54 AM


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