Friday, March 28, 2008

Deers in the backyard

Tonight has to be a first for me in seeing 3 live deers hopping around the snow-covered backyard of my relatives' Suburban home at 2 in the morning on a chilly Chicago night. Before this, the only time I saw live deers was when I went to Jim Corbett Park; and at the time the deers appeared really small considering the distance separating their herd from my position atop the "observation hut/tower". Anyway, I never expected to see deers (of all the animals!) when I peeked out of my room's window, but there they were calmly moving around, one of them with its snout to the snowy grass and the other hopping over the fence to neighbor's house while the third took rounds around the backyard. As I stood transfixed on the spot by the window and craned my neck now and then to get a better look at them, thoughts of taking pictures and tapping on the glass window brewed in my sleepy and exhausted head. I did manage to do both, but neither turned out to be fruitful: the pictures came out to be so dark that you couldn't tell the tree from the deer, and the tapping didn't attract their attention since I didn't do it too loudly since I didn't wanna crack the glass or wake up my relatives.

Anyway, I don't know where they came from ... maybe from the nearby farm. I hope they get back to their mamas and papas soon enough before someone rides them over.

-| AG.

PS: Spring Break is about to get over. I return to Philadelphia on Sunday.

PS 2: The soda can next to my computer is empty. I need to go to the kitchen and grab another one.

PS 3: The previous PS was a note to me, it doesn't concern you in any way, unless you are a surveyor who wishes to know what brand I am drinking; in that case, I implore you to stop bugging Coke and take a stand against some caffeinated drinks brand.

PS 4: Actually, I kinda like Coffee and Starbucks, so I didn't really mean it when I "implored" surveyors to bang caffeine brands.


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