Wednesday, December 21, 2005

King Kong. 25 feet Tall Silver Back Gorilla.

Kong is King, and is the 8th Wonder of the World. These statements hold true for the last 2 hours of the movie, because as it is, we don't get a whiff of his existance for the first hour. The first hour of the movie tells the story of how Carl Denham, a talented (yet un-recognized) director is trying to make it big in the 1930s Movie Industry, and stumbles upon Ann Darrow when he is desperatly trying to hunt down an actress to play the lead role in his feature film. Denham, apparently has a map in his possession (source un-known) which leads to this particular Skull Island. But this Mr. Denham is uncertain of what his co-workers might think about his little wild goose chase and thus confides into them that they are Singapore-Bound in the antic ship. Steps in Jack Driscoll who is not very fond of either Denham, or his expedition, or his ship, and the product is a 15 page script for Denham's 3 hour feature film. Denham does some quick thinking and decides to nail Driscoll to his ship throughout the whole journey. Driscoll also happens to be Darrow's crush, and some funny moments succeed the whole Darrow-Crew-Cast-Driscoll confrontation.

Actually, the whole first-non-Kong-hour of the movie is littered with funny sequences and you will find yourself giggling and snickering, only to be scared into your seat by the weird Skull Island folk who don't seem to have a particular affinity towards those un-welcomed visitors who happen to have the non fortune to get a visit from the Skull Island Map Fairy. The movie slowly moves from Gross to Fire to King Kong. Atlast! Kong is here! And he is here to save the day! Though only for Ms. Darren, with whom King Kong has fallen in "Love" (Is Hulk inspired from Kong? ) while the others battle it down with the giant cockroaches and dinosaurs. Kong moves around the island with Kate Moss dangling and screaming from his fist. The King Kong VS T - Rex fight is truly a Masterpiece and worth watching.

Actually, it is the only thing really worth seeing, apart from the Kong on Empire State Building sequence, which ends with King Kong dying. Sad, it was. No doubt, there was. Like Yoda, I am speaking. Why, God knows.


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