Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh my, look at the statistical curves.

Talk about temperature variance. A few days ago - before the rainfall (or should I say, rainfalls?) - the temperature of New Delhi stoutly stood at 44 °C, a figure splashed across the newspapers as conveniently as the puddle water across an unsuspecting pedestrian by a speeding car. I comically accuse the effects of this temperature on my brain for my previous blog entry, which was perhaps as atrociously titled as it was written.

A few days after that entry, the Rain Gods came to the rescue with thunderous rainfall (or falls, I don't really care); this rain brought with itself as much of a cooling effect and temperature drop as the amount of dust and small flying insects. Only a few hours into the rain, the temperature lowered to 22 °C and simultaneously the tempers too lowered to an acceptable degree of tolerance.

2 days passed and the clouds slowly shifted overhead, with not a drop of rain in sight.

No more rain. No more temperature drop. Only an inevitable rise.

So, as of now, 19th June, the temperature of our city stands at 35 °C. But considering the cool winds blowing outside and the sky darkening at this ominous hour (11:46am), can we expect another bout of rain? That remains to be seen.

-| AG.


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