Friday, June 08, 2007

So damn hot! (and I'm not talking about Sharapova)

I'm talking about the outside weather, which is so damn hot and sunny. Usually I tend to use the word "sunny" to describe a pleasant scenario, as in, What a calm and sunny day it was ... you get the drift. But, in my present mood, I use it to give the picture of scorching heat, sweaty necks, screwed up face expressions and an unpleasant exclamation of "It's so damn hot!" that escapes the mouth of every person who is foolish enough to venture outside. In fact, it'd be foolish to even venture outside of the AC room into another part of the house, because the former is the only place where your body won't be subjected to a 100 degrees of heat, which infests the non-AC parts of the house as much as it infests the roads outside.

-| AG.


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