Sunday, July 15, 2007

"You and your MacBook were made for each other"

That's what it says on the opening page of my spankin' new MacBook's information booklet. That's right, I'm at last in possession of a MacBook, which is, to say the least, a beautifully crafted laptop computer. I've just installed Mac OS X and am getting the hang of an operating system which is, indeed, quite different from Windows, a system I've been working on since I was very small; but hopefully I'd have known this new system inside out by the end of tonight. Perhaps then I would be in a better position to write a bit more about this lovely computer, which has a sleek and lovely white body, a built-in camera, a combo drive (with a DVD writer!), an Apple logo that glows white and a sound quality (through iPod earphones) of the kind you can only expect in an iPod.

In other news, I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Friday; it was terrific. In fact, I liked it so much that I went to see it again the next day. Of course, as one might expect in a Harry Potter movie adaptation, there were many elements of the book that were changed or simply done away with. A few changes I liked, others I didn't like as much. For instance, I liked what they did with the Ministry of Magic, the Thestrals, Luna Lovegood, Umbridge, among many other things, aside from the Fred-George's Fiasco scene which they could have made a bit more, well, fiasco-full (as in the book). Other scenes that I thought of as really impressive and which I liked most were (obviously) the Death Eater vs the Order and DA, and the Voldemort vs Dumbledore encounters. I'm planning to go and see this movie again tomorrow with a few cousins. Yeah, I do like it that much.

About Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Just a few minutes ago, I checked up this book's page on Wikipedia, and to my surprise I found that a real copy of the book had been leaked onto Torrent sites 2 days previously; and although many Torrent sites had taken the book off, there were still a couple of bold sites which still had the book online. Apparently, this particular version of the "book" isn't exactly god-gifted in quality and many pages are apparently "unreadable" due to bad quality, considering that the buffoon who uploaded the file actually took photographs of the pages of the Deathly Hallows he was delivered early by mistake. Actually, 1200 copies of Deathly Hallows have been delivered early by a particular distributor - "0.01% of all the orders" they say. That's one hell of a mistake, if you ask me. So much so, that Scholastic has sued that particular distributor over it. Now, I happen to be the kind of person who absolutely abhors spoilers and is not at all interested in the illegal internet versions of such books, of a Harry Potter book no less. I believe in buying my own book, and paying for the many hours of pleasure I get in reading it for the first time. So, I'm gonna wait till Saturday to read the book that I'd be claiming to be an excellently written book by Sunday.

-| AG.


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