Friday, August 24, 2007

Nostalgia strikes yet again ... this time with a pointed stick.

Remember, 10 years ago, on the eve of your birthday, you used to go to the market with your parents and buy toffees in bulk? And that you distributed these toffees next day in class? No? Well, I remember my experience.

I remember how I went to the local general store with my Dad and bought about a 100 eclairs. Next day, after the class teacher had announced my b'day, the students sang "Happy Birthday to you ..." monotonously and mechanically, all the while keeping their eyes peeled out for the toffees.

After the song had been sung and the classroom had been rang with scattered clapping, I distributed the eclairs, each student getting 2 eclairs (the "friends" got 4; they also got to gobble down the remaining eclairs). On receiving the toffees (or a toffee, whatever may be the case), the person would respond with a "Happy Bird-day" before swiftly slipping the toffees into his/her pocket, or stuffing them into their mouths.

It used to be so much fun, in a ridiculously childish way. Or so it seems.

-| AG.


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