Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New line of iPods. Again?

What's with Apple, huh? Is it the competition or the fervor of its designers that's making them re-design iPods and Macs time and again? If you direct yourself to Apple's web site, you might notice what they did to the 2nd generation iPods. More specifically, what they transformed the 2nd generation iPods into. Yeah, okay, so I agree that they look cool. The thing they are calling "iPod nano" looks like a dwarfed version of the once-on-sale-like-hot-cakes iPod video. And, apparently, they are literally just that, considering that they play videos and stuff. But, thank you very much, I still prefer my "old" iPod nano over the new more ostentatious-looking one.

-| AG.

PS: Less than a week left till departure. Can't wait to leave.


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