Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiger out, Leopard in.

After 10 grueling weeks of the Spring quarter, it's about time to take the finals and catch a flight back home. On Friday last week, my last day of classes, there was a scavenger hunt around campus for a class after an exam in the morning for some other class. By scavenger hunt I do not mean feasting on any dead students that may be lying down around campus, but that we had to find certain landmarks (like statues, fountains, walkways, etc.) based on the clues given and then take pictures. The first person to make it back to the class instructor with the right pictures would have to figure out a riddle and if answered correctly, that person would win a bag full of Starburst candy. A person won. It was all fun.

Also, I upgraded my Mac OS X from Tiger to Leopard. One of my friends was kind enough to give me the installation DVD and since Macs don't require any serial key to install, I didn't run into any licensing issues. Needless to say, Leopard is awesome. Apart from the occasional biting and claw action, it's all cute most of the time.

No, really.

-| AG.


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