Thursday, July 17, 2008

Disc Region: What the hell?

The actual title of this post should've been "Disc Region, go fuck yourself", but being considerate of all the weak-minded people out there, I didn't choose it; I didn't want someone flipping their brains over after reading the word "fuck" in big bold letters and ending up in coma. Not that I care about losing visitors or people not reading a particular post or about increasing the already over-flowing number of people ending up in coma.

Anyway, I got back to India a couple of weeks back and today I bought the DVD of the movie "Click" and tried to play it on my MacBook. But lo and behold, it didn't play. Even after I dealt the DVD Player software with some feet upper-cuts. So, apparently, I can't play the DVD since it's not set in the region my DVD Player is set in (Region 1, which is for North America). So, I can't play any DVDs bought in Asia (Region 5) on my computer because it's DVD Rom is set to Region 1. The even bigger issue is the fact that I'm not even able to set my Mac's DVD Player to another region! It shows a damn error. Oh, and did I forget to mention that in the Region setting dialog box it also tells me that this is the last time I can change the region? For God's sake.

I'm not gonna change the region now since I don't wanna risk not being able to play any DVDs that I buy in America later on. So, I'm looking around for softwares that would make my DVD Rom region-free. Till then I'd be using my other DVD Player (which connects to the TV) to watch DVDs, as I did for "Click".

No biggie.

-| AG.


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