Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I came back from Malaysia a couple of days back. I spent a week there with my family and boy, was it some week! We primarily visited Kuala Lumpur (the place with all the tall buildings) and Genting (the place with all the casinos and roller-coasters). We spent the first half of the week in KL and during this time we visited the Petronas Twin Towers (its mall, anyway; there was no viewing deck for tourists on the top floor), the KL Tower (and thankfully, this one had a viewing deck and I took some pretty snazzy shots of the city and its many skyscrapers from atop) and the Aquarium (where you could even "swim with the sharks" besides leering at hundreds of kinds of fishes). While at the KL Tower, I also zip-lined, an adrenaline-rushing activity in which I "flew" high above in the sky while suspended from a pulley mounted on a cable. It was really cool, and now I plan to take part in bungee-jumping, if I'm able to find it.

on the way to Kuala Lumpur; Twin Towers to the right

view from atop the KL Tower, world's 4th tallest tower

The rest of the week was spent in Genting Highlands, an entertainment city high up in the mountains. We stayed at the First World Hotel, which - according to the large Guinness World Records certificate at the reception - is the largest hotel in the world with around 6500 rooms. There was a big mall, a couple of theatres (I saw Dark Knight and Mummy 3) and an indoor theme-park right inside hotel. The mall was like a mini version of Las Vegas; there were the Statue of Liberty and Effil Tower towering above the shops and fast-food joints. There was an archery range down at the mall as well, and after shooting a couple of arrows off the board, I started getting better and landed each of my arrows in one of the colored circles. Needless to say, we had an awesome time there. We didn't have to go out on the streets and get a cab even once during our stay at this hotel because everything we needed to entertain ourselves was right there inside the hotel (the outdoor theme-park was right next to it as well).

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