Monday, April 20, 2009

Been sooo long!

It's been so fucking long since I posted last. Not blogged, but actually wrote something (like my entry "Dry Spell" dated sometime in November of last year). Let's just say that I've been too damn lazy to bring myself to write something meaningful and even posting those 2 crappy posts about the Sesame St video and Internet speed wasn't something I did out of an eagerness to share something cool with you guys but something I did to suppress the feeling of guilt that I've let my blog go dead.

Yeah, been really long since I posted last ... what can I say? It hasn't exactly been the kind of year when I've had ample amounts of free time to kill on the Internet, let alone on my sorry-ass blog. For the first 6 months of 2009 I was mad busy studying for what seemed like a million credits and since March 30th I have been at my co-op 8 fucking hours a day. For those ignorant dumbos who have no idea what "co-op" is, it's a program in my college during which I work full time at a company for 6 months, kinda like an internship, only that I get paid for spending all that time sitting in an office.

These days, I have taken a liking to the show The Sopranos. It's a really cool show and I've been hooked to it for months now. It's about a Mafia family in New Jersey, and what makes this show that much more interesting than the other mafia movies is that the mob boss (Tony Soprano) deals with family stuff much in the same way as everyone else, and goes to see a psychiatrist to deal with his emotional troubles. This show can be very funny at one time and equally violent and disturbing at another time.

-| AG


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