Thursday, March 10, 2005

Independance Day: Last Day of Exams

The Dark mist started to wift away and clear, as the first of the shiny and deliciously beautiful rays of sun in many days (to be specific, excatly 13 days) stirked the Ramjas Grounds....
The Super-Enormous Vougon Ship, with the letters E-X-A-M-S etched into it's side in dark red color, shifted its bulk from over the Ramjas Grounds & prepared to move over to the next mass dwelling where it sensed the Exam Fever and Panic i.e. a school.
Kids A.K.A Students, apprehensively glanced out of thier dark and creepy Examination Halls from where they had just emerged losing all the tension, panic, anxiety.With the feeling of rejoice and freedom spreading faster than any nerve action and the satisfying thought of a fortnight of everything [almost ;-)] but study, with hearts elated and fresh spirits, each and everyone prepared further plan of action, with the top priority: ENJOYMENT. While some seniors mercilessly ruined the shirts of fellow mates, others were already hurrying to the nearest cinema hall to enjoy a movie.
Dementors A.K.A Teachers, looking grumpy and suddenly sick at the sight of so many happy faces, which they had tirelessly tried to make sad for the past many years, returned to the staff rooms and practical labs, where, with a determined will, they planned to make all the answered sheets, a every student soul shouted out loud "HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!"

Thursday, March 03, 2005

How the Time passes...

As felt in many cases, particularly in those when you could have paid anything to slow it down, Time passes at an alarmingly fast rate. It seems like someone has taken out the normal batteries from the clock and instead placed ones which are in a very generous mood to give out so much power that the clock hands take a leap from the usually tortoise crawl to the concorde speed. So that one moment you glance at the watch, it is around 4 pm and next moment it is around 7 pm.
If there had been a hand for days in the clock as well, same thing would have been observed. Though with the Digital Watch era now, the date is quite clearly visible (unless you count out those cheap bournvita ones whose date doesn't change for 3 days, then the date has to be manually adjusted and the watch has to be rapped twice to make it work). So, one day, say November 5th, you think that you will start studying on 10th (quite comfortably far...not to worry right now!) for exams starting on 20th. 7th comes pretty fast (still 3 days...), then 9th (damn!), and then the fateful 10th. It feels like God has bewitched the days into minutes.
It's also kind of funny and surprising when you think of the start of the summer holidays, when on Day 1, the comfortable 60 free days were a good feeling, and zap! On Day 60, many are like...damn the school admin guys....holidays should be of 3 months!

On a serious note:
"Second wise,
Minute wiser.
Minute wise,
Hour wiser.
Hour wise,
Day wiser.
Day wise,
Life wiser!"

[Thank you for putting up with any of my Grammatical Mistakes.....and me]

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