Monday, August 01, 2005

At School.

Ah...many things have happened since my humble school re-opened after the Vacations. Erm...where to start? I think it will be more traditional to begin with the more, ah, happier things.

1. We had what is called as "That Wall Magazine Competition" by most of the saner inmates at my school. The competition is basically inter-house (4 houses) competition, in which each house has to choose a topic and make a kind of a magazine, with its *pages* stuck to the respective board. Ours topic was "Cruelty to Animals". A bit boring, possibly, for the unaware. Setting up the board was fun, with teachers breathing down my neck till the last day, kids slumbering in and out of the computer lab, being helpful occasionally. OK, so the happy part of this whole thing is that we came 1st! Yippee!

2. The DynamiX Clan (me being a member) is conducting FragFest 2005, which is intra-school and involves students from 6th to 12th (for more information, visit this page). This, as you might notice, is a computer gaming competition. And, damn, it is fun! Even though I am not participating. I am the one who is organising. Watching these kids play (me occasionally giving 'em some legal hints) and kicking some butt is fun, believe me. The best part of it all, is that we indirectly have the permission from the Principal to bunk classes ;-) Taking refuge to the DynamiX Lab is much more easier now, in light of FragFest.

The sad-der things? Fortunately, there are none! :-D


Blogger Shashank Shekhar said...

The wall magazine was at best: a headache. Imagine being the only one to do the layout, with kids just walking around, talking, and mostly being a pain in the neck. And our topic was even more mundane: "Money matters". Wonder where they invent such idiotic topics. :-&

FragFest was quite a success, but has stretched out to nearly 1 1/2 weeks (the original plan was to wrap it up in 5 days!) no thanks to junk events like students deleting all the games (spite no doubt.. sore at not being selected for the next rounds). Yet we managed to find some very talented individuals there.

Sadder things? Yeah! Announcement of Exams from Sept 8th. :-O

6:45 AM

Blogger Anshuman said...

paid a visit to , dude wheres the section of "Alumni Dynamites" ? Better get it in place :-p

9:05 AM

Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

Considering the fact that The DynamiX Clan didn't exist in your "era", we (unfortunately) don't have a "Alumni Dynamites" section. Though we will have one soon, as we will be passing out this year. :-D

7:02 AM


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