Friday, May 22, 2009

iPod Touch, Em and the Paper

Yes, I did it. I finally did it. I bought myself an iPod Touch. It's been a few days since I got it and boy, do I love this lovely piece of iPod. For one, it's waaay better than my 3rd generation iPod nano and it's got everything one could hope for in a portable music player: it plays music, videos, awesome games and has all these cool applications (from YouTube to Facebook). I love the touchscreen accessibilty, the smooth navigation system and the ease of typing with nearly no typos.

Also, Eminem recently released his album, Relapse. I absolutely love the songs on this album. They are funny and clever! I was laughing my ass off while listening to Insane and a bunch of other songs. You gotta check them out. Oh, and I'm working on my thesis paper for my computer ethics class. It's due early June and I gotta write 5-6 pages on some controversial topic in technology ... hmm, any ideas?

-| AG