Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm back guys and gals!!

Hello to all you sentient beings out there who have been waiting for me to revive my oh-so-awesome blog! Needless to say, the only reason I decided to write out a new post is because I'm bored out of mind at my internship! It's the last couple of weeks of my job and soon I'll be free from the daily monotonous zombie-like existence. Whew! At long last, I'll be able to become a slave to assignment deadlines, midterm cramming and professor woes ... I know, how awesome, right?! Wrong! Just kidding, it's all awesome and good. Life is going good and I'm spending my days chilling out and working hard to achieve something in my life. I've had a lot to think about over the past couple of months and I've decided to change my ways and become the person God intended me to become. I will ace those papers and blow the exams out of the water, wait and watch!

Peace out,