Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, hello there!

How's everybody doing? I am not sure how many (real) people actually frequent this blog these days, probably 0 since it's been a gazillion years since I posted anything meaningful last. I see a lot of "comments" from bots trying to sell - of all things - flowers! Hey there, Mister Bot, here's a news flash for you: Give it up and go back to impersonating Nigerian prince who happens to be looking to load off a bunch of his money to strangers on the Internet, much more believable!

Anyway, now that I have vented about the crazy spam bots, let's move on and try to talk about something else. Hmmm, what to talk about ... well, I finished my studies at Drexel last year and have been working for a Casino Gaming company since. It's been going well, with the ups and downs of adult life. It's kinda weird to be out of college and in the real world. I definitely miss the days when I used to bike down to Drexel from my apartment and bike around Philadelphia. Now I spent most of my day indoors at my desk! I would love to get into a time machine, set the dial to Fall 2007 and go back to my freshman year. Man, it would be amazing to re-live my college life!

Well, this flight of fancy is making me nostalgic. Please excuse me while I go back to work on a time machine. :)

 -| AG

Update: Using Google's nifty "select all" tool, I managed to remove the spam comments! To all spam bots out there: