Friday, August 26, 2005

Random ACDs + Great Movies = A Perfect Weekend.

After a week of jostling about in the school, tearing up and down the crowded roads, and sitting on the Hot Seat (to study), I finally reached the best part of the week: The Weekend.

Though that "best" might not be really "best" in true sense, since I have a Physics Test on Saturday (at Tution) and Computer Test on Monday (at School). Although such obstacles do tend to nicely mess up the P-Factor (Perfect-Factor) of a regular WE, still a couple of chosen songs and movies help in raising the adrenaline. After hours of bullying the brain to digest various formulae, diagrams, graphs; Linkin Park, Maddona, OSTs, try and entertain the exhausted brain and the various other organs involved in the Study-Digestion Process.

Some songs that I usually like to listen to:
1) Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory [All] + My December (present in the Bonus CD).
2) American Pie OST : You Wanted More, Glory, Stranger by the Day, Sway.
3) Lion King OST: Circle of Life, Be Prepared.
4) Maddona's Bedtime Stories [All].

When it comes to watching Movies, I don't actually own any of these, I watch them either on Star Movies or on HBO. American Pie: The Wedding, Jumanji, Bad Boys II, Anger Management, Event Horizon help keep the Movie Appetite satisfied. Just a few hours ago, I saw Jumanji on HBO, and (as I thought before) this movie is simply awesome, and a must-watch for those who prefer a blend of Action-Horror-Adventure, and for those who find this tagline exciting: An Adventure For Those Who Seek To Find A Way To Leave Their World Behind.

Good ol' PSP helps too, but I daresay I am getting pretty bored of playing NFS Underground Rivals again and again!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It all happens on this Twinkling Star.

Lets Get it Started.

The above line is in sync with the aura of The English Programme Channel: Star World. Though many other English Channels (non-movies) do exist in the Indian Idiot Box Association, Zee English being among the most prominent, I prefer watching Star World. Major Reasons being:

1) The programme quality, in general, is of low standards as compared to that of Star World. Watching programmes on Zee English is like watching a 5 year old video tape.
2) I don't get Zee English in my home anymore. So, Star World is the only alternative, in any case.
3) I like the name "Star" than "Zee".

The time from 6 pm (IST) to 7 pm (IST) is devoted to sitting in front of the Television and keeping my eyes glued to it. Such glued-up evenings include Monday to Friday. As the other regulars of SW might have concieved, I am talking of the shows "The Simpsons" (6 pm - 6:30 pm) and "That 70s Show" (6:30 pm - 7:00pm). Both these shows are actually hilarious. Period.

Now that I think about it... I also like "Friends" (7 pm - 7:30pm). That show is pretty cool. Damn, I like "Growing Up Gotti" (Forgot the timings) and "Newsradio" too.

Cast from That 70s Show

Log of Favorite Characters:
1) Homer, Bart, Marge, Mr. Burns - Simpsons.
2) Donna, Eric, Kelso, Fez, Jackie - That 70s Show.
3) Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Pheobe - Friends.

From Our World to Your World, catch the Colors of Star World.

Blimey, that rhymes.

On a totally un-related topic, I have been made a Prefect at school, consequetively for the 2nd time.

Monday, August 01, 2005

At School.

Ah...many things have happened since my humble school re-opened after the Vacations. Erm...where to start? I think it will be more traditional to begin with the more, ah, happier things.

1. We had what is called as "That Wall Magazine Competition" by most of the saner inmates at my school. The competition is basically inter-house (4 houses) competition, in which each house has to choose a topic and make a kind of a magazine, with its *pages* stuck to the respective board. Ours topic was "Cruelty to Animals". A bit boring, possibly, for the unaware. Setting up the board was fun, with teachers breathing down my neck till the last day, kids slumbering in and out of the computer lab, being helpful occasionally. OK, so the happy part of this whole thing is that we came 1st! Yippee!

2. The DynamiX Clan (me being a member) is conducting FragFest 2005, which is intra-school and involves students from 6th to 12th (for more information, visit this page). This, as you might notice, is a computer gaming competition. And, damn, it is fun! Even though I am not participating. I am the one who is organising. Watching these kids play (me occasionally giving 'em some legal hints) and kicking some butt is fun, believe me. The best part of it all, is that we indirectly have the permission from the Principal to bunk classes ;-) Taking refuge to the DynamiX Lab is much more easier now, in light of FragFest.

The sad-der things? Fortunately, there are none! :-D