Friday, August 26, 2005

Random ACDs + Great Movies = A Perfect Weekend.

After a week of jostling about in the school, tearing up and down the crowded roads, and sitting on the Hot Seat (to study), I finally reached the best part of the week: The Weekend.

Though that "best" might not be really "best" in true sense, since I have a Physics Test on Saturday (at Tution) and Computer Test on Monday (at School). Although such obstacles do tend to nicely mess up the P-Factor (Perfect-Factor) of a regular WE, still a couple of chosen songs and movies help in raising the adrenaline. After hours of bullying the brain to digest various formulae, diagrams, graphs; Linkin Park, Maddona, OSTs, try and entertain the exhausted brain and the various other organs involved in the Study-Digestion Process.

Some songs that I usually like to listen to:
1) Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory [All] + My December (present in the Bonus CD).
2) American Pie OST : You Wanted More, Glory, Stranger by the Day, Sway.
3) Lion King OST: Circle of Life, Be Prepared.
4) Maddona's Bedtime Stories [All].

When it comes to watching Movies, I don't actually own any of these, I watch them either on Star Movies or on HBO. American Pie: The Wedding, Jumanji, Bad Boys II, Anger Management, Event Horizon help keep the Movie Appetite satisfied. Just a few hours ago, I saw Jumanji on HBO, and (as I thought before) this movie is simply awesome, and a must-watch for those who prefer a blend of Action-Horror-Adventure, and for those who find this tagline exciting: An Adventure For Those Who Seek To Find A Way To Leave Their World Behind.

Good ol' PSP helps too, but I daresay I am getting pretty bored of playing NFS Underground Rivals again and again!


Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

Yeah, I know, Collision Course is really cool.

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