Saturday, October 15, 2005

The "Insert Scary Name" Simpsons.

Star World finally started showing the "Scary" episodes of The Simpsons from yesterday. Though I am not sure weather they are the "Treehouse of Horror" (or often called as "The Simpsons Halloween Special") or not. But since all the "Scary" episodes are piled under the banner of "Treehouse of Horror", I might as well have not have that teeny doubt.

Be Scared. Be very scared. OK, I would have been, if it had been anything except The Simpsons Scary 'uns. I mean, how can you be scared when Matt Groening (credited as "Rat" Groening in these special episodes) and the other Legends make these "scary" episodes as rib tickling and LOL - ish as a any other Simpsons episode?

The episodes I saw yesterday (yes, it is "episodes" and not "episode", as 2-3 Scary episodes are inserted in the 30 minutes of the show), were damn funny. I could not help banging the table and laughing to the antics of Homer in the Fantasy world. One of them, I am listing here:

Homer dies because he chokes on a piece of broccoli. He meets St. Peters and thinks that he was able to get to Heaven before his All - Do - Good neighbour Flanders. But St. Peters informs him that he is most likely not to make into heavan as he did not do a single good deed. Homer tries to force through the gate into heaven but gets electrified. He is told to do a single good deed in 24 hours or else he would be sent to Hell. God sends Homer's spirit (Lets call it "Homer 2". It is tedious and a bit grave to write Homer's Soul repeatedly) back to earth. Homer 2 reaches down and finds his family sitting at the dinner table, mourning over his death. He spots the piece of Broccoli he choked over and eats it again. And again, he dies! LMAO!

Homer 3 (Homer's Soul's Soul) reaches back to St. Peters and he pulls a stick which makes Homer 3 fall down through the cloudy interface between Heavan and Earth, back to do his Good Deed, and now (as St. Peters informs him) he has only 23 hours. Homer 3 is now desperate to do a good deed. He spots an old lady on one side of the road, who is trying to cross the road, and a bunch of school kids who also see her and exclaim "Chance to do a Good deed!". Homer 3 reaches the woman and picks her up and takes her up in the air, while the Old Woman yells "I am flying! Now everyone can see my undergarments!". Smirf.

Homer 3 and Old Woman are still in the air, and as they reach the other side of the road, Homer 3 actually drops her from that hieght! LOL! I cracked up laughing at that instance!

I hope you get the idea of how funny this whole Simpsons thing is!

Watch it, and get Wonk'd!
Timings: 6 pm to 6:30 pm [Mon - Fri] + 7 pm to 7:30 pm [Sundays].
Channel: Star World.

UPDATE: As it seems, SW showed Treehouse of Horror for 1 day only. They plan to show the rest on 30th October. A Day to Die for.


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