Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just bought Meteora.

Finally the Audio CD with the title "Meteora" is in my collection.

A "Yoohoo!" is surely in order.

As it is, I am a hardcore Linkin Park fan. Which implies that I own all of the Band's (original) CDs, and have surfed their website for an umpteenth time. Linkin Park is, and rightly so, a Rock / Nu Metal Band which is, well, God.

LP's Meteora matches up to the reputation of it's last album Hybrid Theory. Great vocals from Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda; mind blowing guitar work from Brad Delson and drums from Rob Bourdon, blast away the screwed up competition.

A "Yoohoo!" is surely in order.

Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong, Lying from You, Faint and Numb are the Jewels of this Album, and you won't get bored of them even after listening to them again and again. Yeah, they are that P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.

The 1st two tracks of this Album: Foreword and Don't Stay are superbly synchronised. For the first time I played the Disc, I never realised when the 2nd track started. It wasn't until I heard the words "Don't Stay" that my head swiped to the Disc-Man display screen and I saw that it was the 2nd song. Nice.

A "Yoohoo!" is surely in order.

Some photographs I shot of the the Pack and CD:

[Excuse the quality of the Pictures. They were shot with my Phone Camera, as my Digital Camera is Resting In Pieces.]


A must buy for all the Rock Heads and Non Rock Heads.


Blogger methead said...

No offence dude, but you have No-Idea-What-Soooo-Ever what a hard rock band. LP aint hard rock, its just alternative, progressive rock.

3:43 AM

Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

Hmmm ... I understand its Nu Metal. They are a Hybrid of Hard Rock and Rap.

6:04 AM

Blogger methead said...

Its not nu-metal, Korn is new metal, Papa Roach is nu-metal, LP is NOT nu-metal.

7:48 AM

Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

Dude. My Refrence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linkin_Park

10:07 PM

Blogger methead said...

See ayush, the thing is one can never trust wiki, all because all the stuff is submitted by non-authorized users. For instance, I can abhi go and post there that Linkin Park is a team of belly dancers and still it'll get uploaded there.

Listen for 'hard rock' bands yourself and you'll get to know the difference...

4:57 AM

Blogger Ayush Gupta said...

I know Wikipedia is liable for something like that.
Anyway, I realise that LP is not Hard Rock. Thank you for "enlightening" me, dude. :-D

10:07 AM


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