Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Bit about $ (Federal Notes).

Recently, I got around to examine the United States Dollars' Federal Notes (Paper Money). From the bunch I had (while included $1, $10, $20, $50, $100 Notes), I found the art behind $2 and $100 highly interesting. As it is, I have a particular interest in American History and happen to know a bit about it. The History related to the Art of the Federal Notes is wee interesting, and you might find this post informative.

A Hundred Dollar Bill ($100 = Rs. 5000) -

The historical monument you see above is "The Independance Hall" (which is in Philadelphia). On close examination (with a high power lens), I found that the time stated in the IH Clock is "2:22 pm", which (after the introduction of Day Light Savings by Benjamin Franklin) is actually "3:22 pm". The Liberty Bell (whose steeple you can see above the clock) was rung to announce the first reading of the Declaration of Independance. The words "Pass and Stow" are inscribed on the Bell.

A Two Dollar Bill ($2 = Rs. 100) -

The Art you see above depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independance. DoI was signed by 55 men (who are called "The Founding Fathers"), on July 4th 1776. DoI is presently stored (under high security) in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. (While on the subject of the Historical Buildings in DC, I would also like to tell you about The Library of Congress, which is one of the biggest libraries in the World, and has over 20 Million Books).


Also, on a completely unrelated note, I have designed the Home Page of my Nicolas Cage Website (Cage's Webpages). Though the chances of the website to be completed soon are no where in scope, I assure you it's completion will be the top thing in my To Do List after 23rd March (along with completing the article on Global Warming, which due to some technical and time management difficulties, won't be published before 23rd either).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Strung Together. Barely.

Ever heard of a something called “The String Theory”? Maybe you did. Anyhow, do you know what it actually is all about? No? Well, I am here to tell just that. String Theory, actually, says that everything (and everyone) is made of small vibrating strings. This blows the Particle Theory out of the picture, according to which Electrons, Neutrons, Muons (and other 54 elementary particles) are at the foundation of our Universe. And what is the consequence of Particle Theory? Long and Difficult Equations (which cannot be sufficed in a single page), and in general, things which are difficult and boring, to say the least. Scientists seem to be taking a particular interest in making the basics simple. How? By proving the existence of String Theory, which will result in a simpler foundation of our beloved Universe.

According to the String Theory, there are 9 spatial dimensions. Humans, as it is, live in a Three Dimensional (3D) World, and thus cannot experience the other 6 dimensions. The existence of these “extra” dimensions is shown by colliding elementary charged particles (Electrons, for example) in an accelerator. If the total energy of the system has been lost, it may have escaped into the 4th Dimension. CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) which exists everywhere (in the Sky) has always been used in trying to prove the existence of String Theory. This theory is presently strung together on the basis of speculation and is still in the Cradle of Science. It might be a long time before it has some Hard Proof.

I am, your most sincerely,
Silence Dogood (most of the times known as "Mr. GoodBytes").

Saturday, February 11, 2006

And the Grammy Went to ...

Album Of The Year
'The Emancipation Of Mimi' -- Mariah Carey
'Chaos And Creation In The Backyard' -- Paul McCartney
'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.' -- Gwen Stefani
WINNER: 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' -- U2
'Late Registration' -- Kanye West

Record Of The Year
'We Belong Together' -- Mariah Carey
'Feel Good Inc.' -- Gorillaz Featuring De La Soul
WINNER: 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' -- Green Day
'Hollaback Girl' -- Gwen Stefani
'Gold Digger' -- Kanye West

Song Of The Year
'Bless The Broken Road' -- Rascal Flatts
'Devils & Dust' -- Bruce Springsteen
'Ordinary People' -- John Legend
WINNER: 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own' -- U2
'We Belong Together' -- Mariah Carey

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

These ... are the *GoodFellas*.

Mafia. Mobster. Gangster. WiseGuys. Take your pick. These men define each and every word. I am talking about a movie I saw recently, which goes by the name "Goodfellas", and stars Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci (in his Oscar Winning Role), Ray Liotta. Among the few other Gangster movies I have seen, which includes the Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas is a movie to watch out for. A true 1990 Classic, which tells the story of the Lucchese Family from Henry Hill's (a Mobster) point of view. The Movie is 145 minutes (2 Hours 25 Minutes) long.


The GodFather.