Thursday, June 30, 2005

Perfect, this PSP is.

I am happy to announce (or blog) that I have added Sony PlayStation Portable to my collection of electronic luxuries. And this PSP is, indeed, Perfect (with a capital P). The gaming experience becomes a real treat for the likes of me, with PSP's LCD Widescreen. The display is flawless. The sound-quality of PSP's speakers is good, but I prefer my earphones. With a Memory Stick of 128 MB, songs and video clips can be stored and played.
Earlier, in my "bachca" days, I used to have Nintendo GameBoy Color. Well, I can surely say that PSP is GameBoy's and every other portable game consoles' Ultimate BAAP.

For those, who still don't get any idea of what exactly PlayStation Portable is, the following picture will be more helpful. For more information on the console, visit this page.

My Father bought it on his recent International Business trip.

Right now, I have to go and play a bit more on it, so, see you.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summer Blahs!

First a quick brief-up on how I have been "utilising" my Summer Vacations: Sleeping late in the night (sometimes, no sleep at all!), getting up late in the morning (which sometimes becomes afternoon), screwing about on the computer [playing with the code to churn out two upcoming websites: The New Layout of the Ramjas RKP Website, and the other is also school-related, but confidential ;-) ] , hopping from one tution to other almost everyday (only Tuesdays and Saturdays are Tution-Free...Damn!)

OK, OK, I agree that kind of a routine (minus the Tution part) is a real treat during the non-vacation days, but, believe me, it can become quite boring after being repeated continuously for more than a month...and to think that my VCD player in my Deck is totally screwed up so I cannot enjoy movies, the theater style.... I have to suffice my senses with my headphones and my computer speakers (the woofer makes them quite good, so its not that bad)...and we still haven't decided where to go on a trip, maybe Goa...and I still haven't figured out who (or what) a Hollaback Girl is.

Gaming sessions now and then in the Basant Lok R-World, listening to Metallica (my latest addiction!) , are the only above-average exciting things that have happened to me since....nevermind.