Thursday, November 23, 2006

A little here, a little there.

Tuesday fell on the day of my B'Day, which was spent rather enjoyably. The afternoon and the evening were spent shaking a leg or two with a couple of friends in Basant Lok's RPM. I also got the pleasure of watching Casino Royale, which I don't see myself reviewing in the near future; although I must say that it is rather good. The night was spent dining at Vasant Kunj's Grand Hyatt with my parents (since there were only three of us, we decided on a large pastry to act like the "cake" and it was very tasty). Along with that, there were SMSes wishing me "Happy B'Day" to be reciprocated and I happily did this little nicety.

That's that about the 21st. Let me move onto the consequent days that composed mainly of filling the learner's license forms, getting the photocopies of the passport attested and finally rushing off to the Transport Department's office only to find that the timings of its operation as stated on its website are stark deceiving since any apathetic observer would think that if the office remained open from 9:30am to 4:30pm (as mentioned on the website) then he would stand a chance of getting his application submitted, his learner's license test taken and in 2 hrs get his license stamped and ready to be abused. But, the bespectacled royalties sitting on the other side of the counter have a completely different mind-set encoded into their limbic brains. According to them, if I want to "gat yaar leesance" then I have to submit my application before 1pm since their "bank claasis at van pm"; so, a person like me who usually tends to follow logical deductions based on the information already present would think it to be safe to reach the TransDept office by 1:15pm and get everything done in 2-3 hrs. And since that's not how stuff works, I need to go to the "leesance aaphice" again tommorrow and reach there by noon.

-| AG.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Order of the Phoenix!

The teaser released yesterday and in a few minutes I got past the video-ripping restrictions set and uploaded the video onto YouTube which was unusually slow in procsessing the video; I am making it available here (exclusive!):

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OK, so contrary to my earlier claim that I'm no longer fanatically interested in Harry Potter, I’m practically jumping out of my chair while I wait for my pathetic broadband connection to download the teaser trailer of the fifth movie in the Harry Potter franchise. Actually, it's just the 10 seconds out of the actual teaser trailer that'll be released on 20th of this month. To tell you the truth, I'd almost forgotten that Order of the Phoenix movie was actually being painstakingly made. While waiting for 20th, you can satisfy your part of the brain that's addicted to the whole Potter phenomenon by watching that clip from the teaser below:

- AG.

PS: Also, the trailer for Spider Man 3 is out and I must say that it's really excellent. I'd suggest you to watch it in HD; the effects are much more pronounced and terrific in this format.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Title field left blank.

As I sat inert at quarter to 1am, I said to myself, Now that I've some free time to collect my thoughts, I might as well post on this blog and break the brief spell in which it lay dead. What with all the standardized tests to be taken and applications to be worked over, I really couldn't spare much thought to updating this blog with so much as a pathetic little post. Unfortunate as it is, even now I'm not completely free - I'm yet to take TOEFL the following week and I'm yet to run off to school (again) and accost my maths teacher and order her to fill out the recommendations. Once I'm done with TOEFL, I'll plunge headlong into thinking up eccentric ways in which I'll get through the day that's been pinned to my head as my "birthday" - that is 21st November, by the way. Had one cared to ponder over the other literal meaning of the word "birthday", he'd have snorted at the whole prospect of celebrating a "birthday" since it would have been the day when the person would have been born again and again every year: Nov. 21st, 1989 - 1 year old ... Nov. 21st, 1990 - Poof! *and born again* 1 year old ... Nov. 21st, 1991 - Poof! *and born again* 1 year old ... something like a Phoenix, one might say.

- AG.