Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where's my iPod?!

Ok, so something really serious has just been brought to my attention: my iPod nano is no where to be found. Although I can see where the earphones are at, I have absolutely no idea where the actual ipod is. I mean, this really is serious considering that I just downloaded 3 awesome songs which I must transfer to my nano. Although I have already listened to them a dozen times on itunes, I still must transfer them to the nano because it's just not the same when listening to songs on a computer. Why? Because a computer cannot emanate the sound effects to the levels that a song is meant to be played at, something which goes without saying in an ipod. So, anyway, getting back to the point, where is my ipod? Have you seen it? Is it tangled in the many networks of the world wide web? Or is it stuck somewhere much worse? I do not know. And ofcourse, neither do you, how stupid of me to even think that you would have even the slightest trace. Hmm, I think I should try and concentrate and use ESP to locate it, or perhaps I should lease a global positioning satellite from the United States Surveillence Agency; that is, if there even is such an agency in operation. Now that I think of it, I have been pretty careless with this particular piece of electronic luxury, the iPod nano that is, not a global positioning satellite. Maybe when I find it, and caress it and pat it, I will pledge never to leave it lying around just like that. Maybe I would be a lot more careless careful with it from then on.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an iPod to hunt for.

-| AG.

Update: After about 15 seconds of some serious hunting, I found my nano hidden between the many files and sheets in my computer table's drawer. So, whew!


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