Tuesday, March 28, 2006

There and Back Again.

My visit to Singapore can be described in one word as "Fascinating". Yes, it was that good, considering the fact that Singapore is a Clean (too Clean, I must say), Friendly, Organised and a Disciplined country. Sentosa, Sim Lim Towers, Mustafa Shopping Complex, Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester United Shop (The Official Store), are some of the more mentionable spots of Singapore. The Changi Airport was, definitely, the most beautiful Airport I have ever seen, which on enquiring the Immigration Officer, I found out was also the oldest one of Singapore. Though the pictures are many, I have tried to get the best ones online and available for you all to see.
(City Tour)
(Me in the Laptop Shop)
(The Changi Airport)
(In the Bus to the Hotel)

(Sim Lim Towers)
More pictures can be found here. I am missing Singapore. :-(

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not the usual YADA YADA. (Part 2)

With the 5 Board Exams over, in other words: All exams over, I thought I might as well un-necessarily post another post and break the number "42" (which acutally was the number of the previous post on this Web Log) like all the things I did on this day, which were, to place mildly, un-necessary, but still were supposed to be done.

Buying an Eminem CD, listening to an Eminem CD, Yakking on the Mobile, Staring Dumbly at the Screen, Breathing Air, were some of the (more mentionable) things that preceded this Post and succeded myself leaving the stuffy Examination Hall, though, obviously, I was breathing Air at all times.

While the word "Eminem" is still fresh in your Memory, I would like to discuss the Audio CD I bought today by the same artist. It goes by the Name "EMINEM Curtain Call: The Hits" and it certainly defines the declaration "The Hits". Without Me is obviously the best one in the CD, and Guilty Conscience is obviously the funniest, though you might find yourself sniggering through My Name Is, atleast those will who understand Rap Lyrics. I would recommond it to anyone who is looking around for some decent Time Pass, though I would certainly tell those certain few to refrain from the idea of listening to any of the songs, who are allergic to Explicit Lyrics. When I'm Gone is a new song in the CD, unlike the rest, and it is a tribute by EMINEM to his departure from the Rap World.

The Day I got 50 KBps (Bytes, not Bits) -
Usually I get the Broadband Speed ~ 5 - 6 KBps on any P2P program, but on 24th March, 2006 I got Broadband Speed ~ 50 - 60 KBps, without signing onto the Broadband Client. Thus the 300 MB File I was downloading showed the Remaining Time as 1 Hour, unlike its usual proclaimation of "1 - 2 Days". I would have gladly displayed the Screenshot of the same, but due to certain Inexplicable Reasons, I will refrain from doing so. :-)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Not the usual YADA YADA.

With the 4 Board Exams over, and only Computer Science left on 23rd, I thought I deserved to give my brain a break and do a more challenging activity: Write a Blog Entry. Well, along with that, I thought I deserved a lot of things after 12 hours of being jammed between a small table and chair, and 300 hours of bullying my brain to adsorb (as the concentration was higher on the surface and negligible in rest of the parts) whatever was mercilessly thrown at it, while the Toil Section of My Mind kept on cackling evily and poking me with a sharp stick.

So, I decided to give my Brain a well deserved rest by reading Harry Potter, watching TeleVision, playing PlayStationPortable, executing Plug 'n' Play, and sleeping for 2 hours. Pondering over the commitment I made to none about the Nicolas Cage Website, I decided to postpone it (again) owing to the fact that I will be Out of Country after 23rd and will return to find the load of Entrance Exam Preparation on my head. Though I might be able to prepare the article on Global Warming, owing to my (alarming) interest in the subject.

*Hunts around for a topic to write on* My apologies to all, but I can't seem to find anything highly interesting or supremely dumb to devote my next paragraph to. Therefore, I will just have to helplessly grin and say, "Until We Meet Again!".

Thursday, March 09, 2006

LOST. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

LOST, being the most riveting and edge-of-the-seat TV Series ever, deserves a post on this Web-Log. In case you are among those tragic few who have never heard of it, a quick pep talk about the show is what you need. Lost is an Action/Suspense Series about a bunch of plane crash survivors who end up on a mysterious tropical island. Jack (Matthew Fox), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) are among the most prominent characters on the show. Lost tells the story of these survivors; how they struggle to exist in a world which was unknown to them till now.

The show became one of the biggest critical and commercial successes of 2004. Capping its successful first season, Lost won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. In January 2006 it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama.

Just the other day I was browsing through Amazon, and had the pleasure of reading some of the user reviews.

"An absolutely astonishing debut season ... LOST has generated critical praise ... it is one of the best shows on Television ... "

"This brings TV shows to a whole new level ... This has to be one of the best shows ever ..."

"I bought this as a gift for my mother ... She loves it."

Get the idea?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leaving Ramjas.

Its been a month since the Farewell, a time when 12thies were officially and ceremoniously kicked out of the school :-D. Jokes apart, I would like to expound my blue devils (Meaning: Sadness) at leaving this great institution after almost a decade of studying in it. Though I would miss a lot of things, some of them which I can recall and bundle up right now, are bundled up below.

  • The DynamiX Clan
  • Computer Symposia
  • Interhouse Competitions
  • The abashed look on the Junior Members' faces when I tell them that their work sucks
  • The smug look on the Junior Members' faces when I tell them that their work is alright
  • The ecstatic look on the Junior Members' faces when I tell them that their work exceeds expectations
  • Being a Prefect (Authority figure usually attracts trouble)
  • The DynamiX Clan
  • Interacting with the Foriegn Visitors (Teachers, mostly)
  • The Printer in the DX Lab which is almost always out of ink
  • The MTNL Broadband connection in the DX Lab which is almost always out of bytes
  • Administrating and Maintaining the Ramjas RKP Website

I would like to thank ...

Meera Balachandran Ma'am (for being a great Principal, supporting what I did and for accepting my Red-Yellow-Card system*), Meera Bharadwaj Ma'am and Archana Gilani Ma'am (for their reviews on my written works and for generally being supportive), Chaudhari Ma'am (who tirelessly discussed my theories and views on Global Warming), Anita Gupta Ma'am (who took my views on designing various presentations for various competitions), Pandey Sir (who entrusted me with the duty of designing flash movies for the Annual Function and sometimes for out-of-the-school-things, and for telling me the password to the Server).

*Red-Yellow-Card System was proposed by me in a Prefects Meeting. In this system, any mischief maker would not be fined (for Rs. 100/-) but rather be issued a Yellow Card (A Warning). If they return the 2nd time, they will be issued a Red Card (Serious Warning). If the number of Red Cards reaches 3, the student will be serious trouble. Cheers!