Thursday, August 31, 2006

One of 21st Century's best treats.

Lord of War is an excellent movie for anyone who is just hoping for some time-pass to someone who is really looking forward to watching an intelligent and well-made movie. The movie is so exciting and enthralling that I can hardly summarize it for the sake of this blog. You just have to see it to love it. The movie is basically about how Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage's character) transforms from a nothing to a successful guns and ammunition trader. Nicolas Cage's interesting and funny narrative is one of the best things I like about this movie.

After watching National Treasure, I had thought that Cage won't be able to beat his performance but he proved me wrong in Lord of War. I have already seen the movie 4 times. Go and get it today on DVD (or if you have a nice broadband connection, you can just download it)! The following trailer might give you a good idea of what to expect.

Also, I came across this funny clip from the movie The Weather Man, another one of Cage's masterpieces.

-| AG.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Cola Geyser.

I tried out the same trick in my garden (with satisfying results). Maybe because my Diet Coke bottle was a lot smaller or because I didn't add half a dozen mentos in quick succession, my geyser didn't go so high. Anyway, it was worth wasting 3/4 th of the coke in the bottle and 5 mentos. Well, mentos weren't such a waste since I consumed some of the added ones later on. But they had become really hard by then. I even recorded the whole thing on my camcorder but I can't tranfer it onto my computer since I am not able to locate the driver CD.

I have also been uploading a couple of videos onto You Tube. I uploaded this Britney Spears Pepsi Advertisement and it got around 85 views in the first hour. Now that's what I call popularity.

-| AG.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Impossible? Nawt!

Since it is easier to find a nice and interesting video than brainstorm and write out an entry, I will be posting atleast one video every week. Satisfaction (and entertainment) is gauranteed since you can depend on me to post only the best from my booming stock of time-pass videos (most of which have been courtously ripped off from You Tube). The one you see above is perhaps the only Adidas commercial I have ever felt like watching more than twice. It is just so effingly perfect. If you are watching it without headphones/earphones/speakers, then I would suggest you to GET ONE AND STICK IT IN THE JACK! The sound effects (blade and sword sounds) add a lot of fun to this Ad.

In case you are wondering how I managed to "rip" videos "off" You Tube which only provides the options of viewing and sharing videos, you might want to read what I write henceforth. What I did was to first download the utility "VideoDownloader" for my FireFox Browser (IE User? I cannot help you ... Go ahead and Google), after that I saved the "flv" file of that video onto my hard-disk. Actually, the file I downloaded from You Tube didn't have any sort of an extension, and I had to add the ext. ".flv". After that, I used the software "Super" that let me convert that FLV file to AVI/MPEG. Go ahead, may the ripper be with you.

Next video: Diet Coke + Mentos = A Geyser!

-| AG.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Either my shorts are shrinking, or I am getting taller.

I came across this Live Cam website that has live views of various parts of the world, Times Square in New York, for instance. They provide streaming video (that do not require a buffer every 10 seconds) and many Jerk-Picture-Cams views. My personal favourite is Times Square's streaming video.


Presence of crying babies at a Cinema? Understandable. Presence of crying babies in a nursing home ward? Understandable. Presence of crying babies in a barber shop? Capricious, cryptic, baffling, bewildering ... in short, not understandable at all. So, yesterday I paid a visit to the barber's, literally, since I had to shell out money for it. Anyway, after waiting for some time, during which I listened to a couple of morons talking about something I rather not mention here *rolls eyeballs*, I was beckoned over by the barber. I sat down on one of their unique chairs that sat admist a pile of hair. After nodding to the instructions I gave, the barber started the drill. Everything was going as usual till that baby so rudely started crying to which the person cutting his/her hair tried to calm him/her down. And I was thinking, Dude, he is only cutting your hair ... so what's with the freakin' wailing? Anyway, it was very irritating and I was just glad when its mother took it out.

Also, I saw Kabhi Alvida ... and although I hated Kabhi Khushi ... I kind of enjoyed this one. Despite what others said about the movie, I think it was pretty good, in terms of music, direction, acting and locations. Story? It was OK, not the most thought-through movie I have ever seen, but still, according to the usual Rona-Peetna standards, it was ... alright. As far as I know, the movie has already done some solid business nationally, and internationally.

-| AG.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend ... came and went.

Alright, so right now I am staring at the blank white space ... trying to think what to write. Actually, it is not so blank anymore since I have now entered 158 characters and the number keeps on growing (203 characters). I visited the school day before yesterday and met a few people. It was fun. Due to I-Day celebrations and lack of classes, there was a rowdy crowd in the corriders and anywhere that had a square feet of free space. I met some of the Dynamites (for the sake of fullness, that's what we call the DynamiX Members) and it was fun talking to them. I hope they will take care of my beloved DX and prevent it from getting covered up by the sands of time. I met a few teachers too and hinted that I will be coming to school this fall to make them fill up my University recos to my satisfaction, or else ... Heh. I received a package from the Washington State University. I spent some time looking at the college pictures. That's all I did on Saturday, unless you wish to overlook the fact that I meticulously deleted some of the songs from my iPod and loaded some new ones onto it.

As for Sunday, I spent the morning studying for SAT and the afternoon watching TV and working on my college essay for Cornell University. Actually, I have been tearing my hair out for this essay for many days and I finally managed to jot down a 450 words essay in an hour, after many revisions and scratch outs. I spent the evening working out at the gym and waiting in the heat for my car to show up at the club. I spent the night eating food and watching Legally Blonde. I also spent some time hunting for my iPod earphone's ear-puff. After a decent amount of squatting on the floor and cursing under the breath, I found the little bastard comfortably lying under my table. This is my last set of ear-puffs: I lost the first set in London.

Now that I have typed 1861 characters, I am going to sign off.

-| AG.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Three Sisters.

iPod Shuffle, MacBook, iPod Nano. My cousin (who came from Washington last week) bought this MacBook for $1300. He got Nano for free. iPod Nano is as small as Shuffle and it is way thinner as well. The sound quality of the Nano is as mind blowing as that of Shuffle. You get these Dolby effects when you increase the volume. I will have to give Apple a pat on the back for their special iPod ear phones. This 2 Gigs Nano holds about 500 songs.

-| AG.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Have you ever heard of Davy Jones?

Had I watched Dead Man's Chest in London's IMAX Cinema, I would have been enthralled. Although my mother would have freaked out watching the disgusting and slimy creatures and characters of the film. But, as fate had it, I never got to watch it on the green screen of that IMAX theatre. Instead, I watched it on the non-IMAX gray screen of PVR Priya today with a cousin of mine. The movie experience was great.

For one, the hall was pretty much empty considering the number of days since the movie was released and the number of Bollywood films that were released recently; which means that there were no annoying families or crying babies who would have managed to piss me off no end. For second, the movie itself was great, as you would have infered from what I have written already. The movie is funny, interesting and really well made. You will find yourself tittering at the antics of Johnny Depp and others during the whole film. Davy Jones, although very disgusting looking, has been portrayed as a very powerful character. The CGI effects are especially well directed. The sound effects and music are also impressive.

-| AG.

PS: Remember that baby girl I told you about in one of my earlier posts? Well, she has been named "Nysa" and is getting cuter by the day.